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You are welcome to spend a weekend or whole week during your vacation time at Wellness Resort. We have prepared 6 well-packed and effective SPA programs. In as little as a few days, without visas and air flights, you can recuperate yourself, build a slender figure and restore your mental equilibrium – as if you have visited thermal baths in Baden-Baden or Montreux.
Our programs at favorable prices – Antistress, Enhancing Immunity, Body Detox, Weight Balance, Family Holidays or Romantic Journey for Two.
The exact number of procedures will be determined by specialists – you will be offered a personal consultation, warm welcome at “FoxInn” Hotel and a high level of serviсe!

Romantic Journey for Two – 2 days / 2 persons

The best present for your second half is an undisturbed night in the ecohotel and moments of felicity in the SPA club. You are offered a three-hour care procedure in the most beautiful room of the SPA club, the swimming pool and jacuzzi with a panoramic view of the forest, salt cavern and Turkish bath. Following hydrotherapeutic procedures, visit the beauty center – our specialists will select face and hair care procedures, set quickly your hair. Take supper at the Fox-Hole restaurant or in the AQUALIS SPA’s veranda where dishes of farmers’ foods and beverages rich in antioxidants and vitamins are cooked and prespared.

Recreation Program «Romantic Journey for Two»

Journey for All Family “Extraordinary Moments at SPA Club” – 2 days / 3 persons

This program is developed for parents and children, includes joint recreation and spare time for yourselves. Intended for those who want to stay for some time in the family circle, taking a rest after troubles at home and day-to-day activities. To relieve stress and enjoy the nature. To make a manicure, massage and face care procedure, and afterwards play tennis or football. To go fishing, take tea from the samovar and have supper with a view of the emerald lake.

Recreation Program «Journey for All Family – Extraordinary Moments at SPA Club»

Antistress – 3 days / 1 person

Intended for those who feel tired, seek solitude and serenity. Clean air and virgin nature, relaxation and felicity at the SPA club, full board with farmer’s foods will help you bring yourself back to life in one weekend.
Respiratory gymnastics, SPA care procedures for face, manicure or pedicure, head massage and hair setting are added to the relaxing procedures.

Recreation Program «Antistress»

Body Detox – 3 days / 1 person

Cleaning the body form toxins is a long time process where the main thing is a potent start under the supervision of physicians. The program combines light physical activities, SPA procedures and taking a steam bath, pressotherapy and jet shower. The program will wake internal resources of the body, set the to rejuvenation and help accelerate metabolism.

Health-Improving Program «Body Detox»

Enhancing Immunity– 3, 5, 7 days / 1 person

This program will help you improve your health, make your body resistant to jet lags, chronic diseases and stress. Russian steam bath, visiting the salt cavern and long walks in the open air in combination with massage, SPA procedures and well-balanced nutrition.

Health-Improving «Enhancing Immunity»

Weight Balance – 7, 10, 14 days / 1 person

The road to a perfect figure must be individual and comfortable for your body. We have developed a program that will help you reduce your weight in a relaxing atmosphere. SPA and massage procedure will give your body a feeling of felicity, fresh air will make your exercises as effective as possible, while light dishes at the AQUALIS SPA café will teach you to eat in a correct manner, manage without excessive calories, refined carbohydrates and taste enhances.

Recovery Program «Weight Balance»