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Russian Bath


It is one of the best traditional bath ceremonies including taking a bath using fir firewood and broad-leaved tree brooms having beneficial properties. A natural grapefruit and lemon body mask will not only clean your skin but also produce an immunoestimulating effect on the whole body. Collar area and head massage procedures will help you relax and get rid of accumulated strain. A nourishing face mask will enrich your skin with beneficial microelements, while a hair mask will give your hair healthy brilliant shine. Sole massage using a gel from French Brittany will relieve you from accumulated fatigue.

Traditionally, washing with a bast using classic and lymphodraining techniques, dipping into a natural pond and taking flavoured tea that is rich in vitamins and health-filled are a set of important bathing care features.

Procedure for 1 person 150 min 25,000 RUB
Procedure for 2 persons 210 min 32,000 RUB
Procedure for 3 persons 240 min 39,000 RUB


Nothing fits the hen-party prior to the wedding or birthday party in the company of girls better than the Russian steam bath!

A pleasant atmosphere, total cleaning, peeling and masks based on honey and herbs, fresh hay aroma, century-old traditions – all of that awaits you in our bathing complex. And, of course, some surprise for the Main Person of the Party and her friends!

Procedure for 3-5 persons  180 min      50,000 RUB
Procedure for 6-7 persons  240 min      60,000 RUB


The perfect occasion for the united company to spend time with big pleasure and incomparable benefit!

What awaits you is taking a steam bath with oak and juniper besoms on the “Fir Blanket”, salubrious spirit in the steam room according to old Russian traditions; washing your body with a bast. The natural pond and traditional tea table are an obligatory attribute of the bathing ceremony.

Using a melilot decoction is the distinctive care feature. The Russian word for “melilot” is “donnik” that comes from “bottom disease” (the ancient name for gout) and “bottom” (the ancient Russian name for male power).

Procedure for 4-5 persons 180 min 60,000 RUB
Procedure for 6-7 persons 210 min 85,000 RUB
Procedure for 8-10 persons 240 min 110,000 RUB


Classic bathing procedure with strong contrast for people with hardened body and soul!

Taking a steam bath on the “Fir Blanket” together with two bath-house assistants to lash with four hands; a mask with natural ingredients that fill your body with hot fire, subsequent rubbing with crushed ice; washing with a bast using four-hand massage techniques are the specific features of the procedure. Traditionally, dipping into a pond and a tea table according to Russian traditions are included.

Procedure for 1 person 150 min 30,000 RUB
Procedure for 2 persons 240 min 37,000 RUB


Procedure “Classic”
1-2 persons 150 min 19,000 RUB
3 persons 210 min 26,000 RUB
4 persons 240 min 37,000 RUB
Procedure “Detox”
1 person 90 min 17,000 RUB
Procedure “Relax”
1 person 120 min 18,000 RUB
Procedure “Taiga Mix”
5-8 persons 180 min 56,000 RUB
Procedure “Summer Herb Energy”
1-2 persons                                          180 min 19,000 RUB